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HTML & CSS for Beginners

HTML & CSS for Beginners
HTML & CSS for Beginners

HTML & CSS for Beginners

Learn how to use HTML and CSS from SCRATCH with EMMET and Visual Studio.

What you’ll learn

HTML & CSS for Beginners

  • This video shows you how to use HTML tags and CSS selectors.
  • Putting in and setting the VSC code.
  • Learning shortcuts that are very efficient, like EMMET.
  • It is important to know what attributes are.
  • How to put a picture on your website.
  • What meta tags are and how they are used.
  • How to list things.
  • How do you make internal and external links?
  • Learn how do you format your text in a professional way with text formatting tags?
  • How do you make user forms that have inputs?
  • How do you make tables?
  • Display block/inline/inlineblock is different from inline block.
  • Selecting tags with CSS is done by following the rules.
  • CSS is a type of programming language.


  • You learn about everything you need to know in class. Good intentions are welcome, but you don’t need to know anything about it.


Everything starts from scratch.

Make fun of the idea that web development is hard!

Make your own websites with HTML and CSS.

After this course, you will know how to use Visual Studio Code to make websites with HTML and CSS.

You will also learn EMMET, which helps you make websites faster.

You will learn how to use basic tags and selectors and how to do it quickly. A web developer is someone who makes websites. This class is your first step toward becoming one. When you finish this class, you will finally know how to make a website.

In each lesson, I try to go into as much detail as possible so that everyone can learn about web development.

Who this course is for:

  • This website development course is for everyone. You don’t need to know anything about web development to get started.

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