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Create a 2D & 3D Games for Beginners

Create a 2D & 3D Games for Beginners
Create a 2D & 3D Games for Beginners

Create a 2D & 3D Games for Beginners

Learn to Create simple 2D & 3D Platformer Games

What you’ll learn

Create a 2D & 3D Games for Beginners

  • Game Development with unity
  • Learning c# by making games
  • Learning Unity for beginners
  • Learning Unity for the first time
  • building your first game with Unity
  • 2D & 3D game Development
  • 2D & 3D game Design


  • Having Unity Game Engine Installed
  • Having Visual Studio Installed
  • Owing a pc, windows 7 or older
  • Having the urge to learn Game development


Sometimes Learning Unity Game Development and C# sccripting can be really challenging for some people so I made this straightforward course for beginners to learn Game Development basics by watching this step-by-step course.

This course is an introduction to unity Game-Development and making games using C#, So if you want to learn Unity and Game Development but you’re lost this is the perfect course for you!

by purchasing this course you’ll learn to make a 2D & 3D platformer Game and Learn how to add more stuff to your game like Music, Sound effects, and Coin Collecting, we won’t be covering everything that the Unity Game Engine has to offer, becaused beginners tend to suffer from burn-out when learning too much (because I did when I started) so I kept this course simple, easy to follow and straight forward so you can also make a fully-functional and working 2D & 3D game by the end of it.

it’s really easy too! I’m 18 and I can make 2D & 3D games, so imagine what can make! The sky’s the limit really!

See you on the other side

Who this course is for:

  • course for beginners who want to learn to make mobile games