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MVI architecture for Android with XML layouts

MVI architecture for Android with XML layouts
MVI architecture for Android with XML layouts

MVI architecture for Android with XML layouts

XML layouts are a great way to learn about MVI, or model view intent, architecture. Kotlin is our programming language of choice since it supports a wide range of programming paradigms.

What you’ll learn

MVI architecture for Android with XML layouts

  • Architectures for Android devices.
  • Architectural design using MVI technology.
  • Android programming using the MVVM architecture.


  • familiarity with the Android programming environment


Developing Android apps is made easier using MVI, or the Model View Intent architecture, which will be covered in detail in this course.

A number of advantages come with the MVI Architecture, the most recent generation of the MVX architecture for Android. traceability is the ability to keep track of how people interact with a system, how well it can grow and be tested, and how well it can be scaled and changed.

It’s critical for Android developers to keep up with the newest trends and innovations.

There are a number of pros and downsides to consider when considering whether to use this architecture in your project. Additionally, being able to speak about it in an Android interview is critical, as you may be evaluated on whether or not you’ve heard of the platform.

As a part of our Android architecture course, we’ll go through the various Android designs, such as MVC (the Model View Controller), MVP (the Presenter), and MVVM (the ViewModel). Finally, we’ll get to see what the new MVI architecture has to offer.

Additionally, we are going to put everything we’ve learned to use in the real world. To get a list of animals, we’ll use a backend API and create an app that does just that. This application will show how to use the MVI architecture in a simple situation to make it easier for people to learn about it.

If you’re looking to improve your Android programming abilities, this is a great project course for you.

By signing up now, you may learn about the MVI architecture as it relates to Android programming.

Who this course is for:

  • Intermediate Android developers.
  • Developers who are experts in Android

MVI architecture for Android with XML layouts

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