How to Import Pi in Python? 3 Effective Methods!

Python is one of the most used languages of this time because of its effective outcome and flexible working. But it is not an easy task to learn this language and be proficient in it. No doubt, it creates a user-friendly interface for the frontend but the developers struggle a lot at the backend.

This makes the understanding of different commands and methods to insert special characters like Pi in the code. To assist programmers and have a quick overview of how to add this Mathematical character, we have written this guide about how to import Pi in Python.

By reading this guide, you will be familiar with different ways to insert this character in your code. Let’s get started and have a look at the following sections to understand the methods for importing Pi in Python.

What is Pi in Python?

Before checking the methods, you should learn what is Pi in Python and why it is good to understand it. Normally, people think Python is used for general programming only. But it is used widely in mathematics-related problems/software because of its complex programming.

You need to be a master in Math to learn Python as it won’t be possible to become professional in this language. Pi is a specific mathematical constant that shows the ratio between the circumference to its diameter.

It means this value comes when we divide the circumference of the circle by its diameter. The value of Pi is around 3.14 in almost every Mathematical literature but it can be extended from 2 digits to multiple ones after the decimal point.

In Python, it is not an easy task to insert this special character as you do in MS Word. You have to follow different methods/approaches to use Pi in Python. It is normally used in Mathematical problems/programming when you are working on a project using this language model.

In the following sections, we are going to show you those 3 effective ways that will help you accomplish this task. We have checked them and found them to be most effective as compared to other approaches that are available on the internet.

How to import Pi in Python?

On the internet, you can find multiple ways to import Pi in Python from its library. But most of them belong to advanced Python programming making it difficult for newbies to understand them. Here we have listed the methods that even a beginner can understand.

You can also understand and follow these methods even if you have a basic familiarity with Python working. Let’s have a look at the following sections.

Via Math Library

The most used approach to insert any specific Mathematical character including Pi is with the help of the Math library available in the Python database. It is pretty simple to use this approach which makes every instructor/learner comfortable while using this technique.

Here are the steps that you have to follow for this importing via the Math library.

# Importing Math Library

Import math

# Print pi in Python Using the Math Module

print (math.pi)

The insertion of the above code will give an output of the Pi in the code.

Via NumPy Library

Another approach is using the NumPy library which seems to be similar to the above method. Here are the steps that you have to follow for this module usage.

# Importing Numpy library

Import numpy

# Print pi in Python Using the Math Module

print (numpy.pi)

It is not widely used as a Math module because most programmers are familiar with that module. So, they normally use that module for importing the specific Mathematical characters in Python.

Via Radian Command

Another method to be familiar with when learning how to use Pi in Python is the Radian command. Radian is also a measure related to the circle that is used to show the angle measurement normally. You can use this command for importing Pi in Python too.

But it is a little different than both above methods. So, you have to follow these steps to go ahead with this process.

# Importing Math Library

Import math

# Print pi in Python Using the Math Module

print (math.radians(180))

With the insertion of this module, you will be able to import Pi in Python using a different approach.

Final Verdict

The above methods have been tested by our developers and listed nicely after the complete successful results. We have tested multiple ways and found them the most effective to learn how to import Pi in Python.

We hope you have learned the methods properly and are ready to go ahead. You can become a professional in Python by learning these methods and approaches to manage different tasks related to this language model.

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