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Sports Nutrition Periodization | Certificate – FreeCourseSIte

Sports Nutrition Periodization | Certificate - FreeCourseSIte
Sports Nutrition Periodization | Certificate - FreeCourseSIte

Sports Nutrition Periodization | Certificate – FreeCourseSIte

Learn about Sports Nutrition Periodization, Pre-Intra-Post Workout Recommendations, Fueling-Hydration, and Supplementation

What you’ll learn

Sports Nutrition Periodization | Certificate – FreeCourseSIte

  • Nutritional recommendations for strength, intermittent, and endurance sports
  • Training periodization and nutrition strategies for each phase
  • Nutritional periodization for strength sports (e.g. weightlifting)
  • Nutritional periodization for intermittent sports (e.g. football)
  • Nutritional periodization for endurance sports (e.g. multi-stage cycling)
  • Fueling and hydration techniques
  • Nutrition to optimize recovery
  • Performance enhancement supplements


  • Sports or athletic or nutrition background


Regarding sports performance and recovery, nutrition is the missing key.

This course will teach you about nutrition periodization for strength, intermittent, and endurance sports. We will speak about training periodization, nutrition recommendations, hydration strategies, fueling pre – during – post gameday, performance supplements, and recovery techniques to assist you to optimize your athlete’s performance.
At the end of this course, when you reach 70% or more in the final exam, you will be granted your Certificate.

This course is part of the Academy of Sports Nutrition’s “Sports Nutrition Course.” If you are interested in earning a DIPLOMA IN SPORTS NUTRITION with global recognition from ACSM and 28 CECs (Continuing Education Credits), check out the Sports Nutrition Course on the Academy of Sports Nutrition website.

  • Mrs. Athanasopoulou Foteini, MSc, SENr, a Performance Nutritionist and Clinical Dietitian with extensive experience working with elite athletes and teams, will be the presenter of this course.

Pass Mark: 70% to earn your Certificate!

Lesson Duration: 1-2 weeks

Lesson Overview:

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Multiple-choice quiz questions


Nutritional Periodization

Course & Exam: Online

Course Overview

  1. Nutritional Recommendations– Recreational training- Intensive training of moderate frequency (2-3h/d)

    – Intensive training of high frequency (3-6h/d)

  2. Training Periodization– Training Period- The Annual Plan
  3. Nutritional Periodization for Strength Sports (e.g. Weightlifting)– Physiology of the sport- Ideal Competition Weight

    – Training Periodization

  4. Nutritional Periodization for Intermittent Sports (e.g. Football)– Football Physiology and Energy Needs- Body Composition Issues

    – Pre-Season Nutrition Strategies

    – Fueling Before and During the Match

    – Nutrition to Optimize Recovery

    – Sport Supplements

  5. Nutritional Periodization for Endurance Sports (e.g. Multi-Stage Cycling)– Preparation Goals- Pre-Race and Race Nutrition

    – Daily Race Requirements

    – Fueling on the Bike

    – Train the Gut

    – Performance Supplements

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Who this course is for:

  • Nutritionists, Dieticians, Sports Coaches, Fitness Coaches, Strength, and Conditioning Coaches, Exercise Specialists, Performance Enhancement Specialists, Personal Trainers, Students, Athletes, Physical Therapists
  • Fitness, Sports & Health Professionals who want to educate themselves in Performance Nutrition and help their athletes optimize their performance

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