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Docker Containers: The Full DevOps Experience Path

Docker Containers: The Full DevOps Experience Path
Docker Containers: The Full DevOps Experience Path

Docker Containers: The Full DevOps Experience Path

Get to know the basics of Docker containers, build your own infrastructure, and use Swarm Orchestration to automate your network.

What you’ll learn

Docker Containers: The Full DevOps Experience Path

  • Discover the benefits of virtualization technology.
  • Container infrastructure is something you should know about.
  • Docker from start to finish.
  • Practical examples are used to teach.


  • Understanding the CLI in Linux
  • No prior programming knowledge is required.


Why are Docker Containers required?

For DevOps engineers, system engineers, and cloud engineers, Docker is critical virtualization technology. Virtual machines, sometimes known as VMs, are rapidly replacing containers.

What are your plans after the course?

With this hands-on training, you can build your own Docker container infrastructure on Linux. You can build your own websites, database servers, and test environments. This course includes five real-world experience projects and several tests to help you understand Docker more thoroughly.


  • Technology Relating to Virtualization
  • An Introduction to Docker Containers
  • Installation of Containers Utilizing Docker
  • Use Script to Produce Your Own Unique Images
  • Docker Swarm, an Open Source Container Orchestration and Management Platform

Why is Docker chosen to be used?

It is a cross-platform utility that works on Windows, Mac, and several distributions of Linux.

Even when you join the realm of cloud technologies, you will still deal with container-based cloud services such as Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure, or any other cloud provider.

DevOpsĀ Path

Keep on tracking our Become a DevOps Engineer path with the below order. The new courses will come each month.

  1. Linux CLI
  2. Automation Tools (Ansible, Puppet, and Chef)
  3. Container Technology (Docker and Kubernetes)
  4. Managemet Tools (Terraform, NGINX, Prometheus, and Grafana)
  5. Fundamentals of DevOps

Who this course is for:

  • DevOps Engineers
  • System Administrators
  • Engineers Specializing in Cloud Automation Engineers

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