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FREE CI/CD Pipeline Course

FREE CI/CD Pipeline Course
FREE CI/CD Pipeline Course

FREE CI/CD Pipeline Course

Learn CI/CD pipeline concepts as well as DevOps and agile. Intro to Jenkins CI/CD pipeline Masterclass course.

What you’ll learn

FREE CI/CD Pipeline Course

  • What is CI/CD Pipeline
  • Waterfall method vs Agile method
  • What is CI (Continuous Integration)
  • What is CD (Continuous Delivery)
  • Continuous Delivery vs Continuous Deployment
  • CI/CD vs DevOps


  • Min 3 months experience with programming
  • Mac or Linux recommended


Have you heard about CI/CD pipeline before?

Do you wonder what it is and how it’s related to SDLC (Software Development Lifecycle)?

Well, in this course, I will introduce CI/CD pipeline concepts by covering Waterfall and Agile development methods, what CI and CD mean, and CICD vs DevOps.

Even if you are not a DevOps engineer, this course will benefit you in understanding what CI/CD pipeline is and how it integrates into a development process.

By the time you finish this FREE course, you will be ready to jump onto my “Jenkins CI/CD Pipeline Masterclass” course!

Who should take this course

  • you are a software developer/engineer or junior DevOps
  • you don’t know much about CI/CD pipeline

Why you should take this course:

Instructed by a cloud DevOps engineer (with CKA and certified AWS DevOps pro) working at a US company in SF

I have been pretty hands-on with Terraform, AWS, and AWS EKS with 7+ industry experience in both North America and Europe.

My background & Education & Career experience

  • Cloud DevOps Software Engineer with 6.5+ years of experience
  • Bachelor of Science in Computing Science from a Canadian university
  • Knows Java, C#, C++, Bash, Python, JavaScript, Terraform, IaC
  • Expert in AWS (holds AWS DevOps Professional certification) and Kubernetes (holds Certified Kubernetes Administrator, CKA)

I will see you inside!

Who this course is for:

  • DevOps beginner
  • Linux Beginner
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