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How to Outsource to Generate Passive Income

How to Outsource to Generate Passive Income
How to Outsource to Generate Passive Income

How to Outsource to Generate Passive Income

Tools and steps to find and hire the best remote workers to do your job.

What you’ll learn

How to Outsource to Generate Passive Income

  • Platforms To hire Virtual Assistants
  • How to pick the best candidates for the task/job
  • How to Manage the assistant using tools
  • how to hire a second person to facilitate/manage to keep accountability and create complete passive income


  • There are no prerequisites for this course; everything you need to know will be covered.


This course will cover the everyday use of remote employees to generate passive revenue. The affluent have been employing this straightforward technique for years. Paying someone for less than you are willing to pay and counting the overhead as revenue.

Starting the Journey may seem difficult, but the video’s clarity will help you hire your first remote employee, train them, and keep an eye on them as you build long-term, scaleable wealth.

Finding the appropriate job sites to hunt on will be the first step in hiring a virtual assistant. This duty is crucial because if you go to the incorrect people, you can end up paying twice or treble for the same service.

The perfect posting must be made in the second phase in order to draw in skilled virtual assistants.

The third phase in the process will be to send the right message to them in order to sift out the unreliable or unwilling candidates.

As we demonstrate in the video, the fourth step will include moving them to a different messaging platform and sending them the necessary training.

Utilizing suitable software to handle Va will be the sixth stage.

In the sixth step, which is optional, Va will be given to a facilitator, making it completely passive.

Paying VA and setting up payroll will be the eighth stage.

We’ll demonstrate four methods to use a virtual assistant to generate income that may be entirely passive. The possibilities are endless, and once you master the fundamentals, you can utilize your existing talents to advance in any industry.

Who this course is for:

  • Anyone who wants to generate a passive income

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