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Introductory PYTHON for Data Science with Exercises and Quiz

Introductory PYTHON for Data Science with Exercises and Quiz
Introductory PYTHON for Data Science with Exercises and Quiz

Introductory PYTHON for Data Science with Exercises and Quiz

Take a look at Data Science and improve your skills with Python to learn more. Learn how to code with 30+ exercises and quizzes.

What you’ll learn

Introductory PYTHON for Data Science with Exercises and Quiz

  • Make sure you learn Python’s basics first. Then move on to Numpy.
  • To help you learn how to code in Python.
  • Learn the best ways to use Python for data science.
  • It’s all about Numpy.
  • Practice coding exercises and take quizzes to improve your skills.
  • Use NumPy to learn how to summarize a lot of data.
  • NumPy is used for the statistical analysis of data.
  • In this example, we’ll use Numpy to summarize a large dataset.


  • Programming knowledge is preferred if you have some knowledge of it.


Data is now the new gold, and it’s more valuable than gold. There is a lot of data that needs to be collected, stored, and analyzed in modern IT systems.
This is true whether you’re making a business decision, predicting the weather and studying protein structures in biology, or making a marketing plan for your business. In all of these cases, you need to use a variety of skills to get the best results from your data. This includes using mathematical models and statistics, graphs, databases, and, of course, the commercial or scientific rationale for the data analysis. There are many different things that we need a programming language to do. If you want to do data research, you’ll need a lot of libraries and built-in tools. Python is one of these languages because it comes with a lot of these things.

This beginner’s guide to Python will help you learn Python for data science and programming in general. A lot of people use Python, and there has never been a bigger need for people who can use Python basics to help businesses in a wide range of industries.

These skills are important for anyone who wants to be a data professional or researcher. As you do interactive exercises, you’ll get a chance to work with some of the most popular Python libraries, such as NumPy This course will teach you how to write programs in Python in just a few hours, and you don’t even need to know how to write programs.

You will learn:

  • Using Python to write code
  • Python and NumPy
  • It is the first step in data science.
  • It is important to know how to work with Python IDEs and notebooks.
  • An understanding of how to manipulate and analyze datasets that haven’t been organized
  • The basics of statistics.
  • How to show the results
  • Code exercises and quizzes with more than 30 of them

Get the Python skills you need to be a good data scientist. It doesn’t matter if you’ve ever coded before.

By the end of this course, you’ll be able to write simple programs, work with data, and solve real-world problems in Python. You’ll build a strong foundation for more advanced learning in the field, and you’ll learn skills that will help you move up in your job.

Who this course is for:

  • Beginner Python programmers are interested in Data Science.
  • Python wants to talk.
  • People who like data science.
  • Students in the field of data engineering.

Introductory PYTHON for Data Science with Exercises and Quiz

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