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Pytest – Automation testing using python

Pytest - Automation testing using python
Pytest - Automation testing using python

Pytest – Automation testing using python

Master Pytest for Test Automation. This is a complete Python Pytest course. You will learn how to use Pytest for test automation.

What you’ll learn

Pytest – Automation testing using python

  • Python is used to write tests.
  • With the Pytest framework, we can run tests and report on them.
  • Creating a simple test automation framework that is easy to use.
  • Python Pytest can do everything from start to finish for you.
  • Writing the tests.
  • Learning how to use different Pytest tools.


  • Understanding the Python programming language is important.


Python-based Pytest is a free and open-source software program that makes it easy to write and run tests. If we write simply to complex tests with the Python test tool called Pytest, we can use it to test everything from the API to the database to the UI. In this modern world of REST services, Pytest is used a lot to test APIs. It speeds up the execution of the test suite. The simple syntax makes it very easy to start with.

Using the Pytest toolkit, you can write a fast, flexible test automation framework in Python that your team can use right away to see how your product is doing. Learn how to write less code to set up and tear down your tests, run multiple tests at the same time, and track the history of your test runs to find slow or problematic tests.

There is a course called Pytest, and it will teach you how to do automated testing with it. Pytest is a testing framework that lets us write test codes in python and run them. A database, an API, or even a GUI can be used to test anything we write code for. It’s easy to learn, just like python.

There are a lot of things we’ll cover in this course about the Python Pytest framework, and it assumes that you know a little bit about Python.

We’ll learn everything we need to know about Pytest so that we can quickly build a test automation framework that can run tests. We will talk about all the important parts of Pytest and how automation works in a real-world test.

Using Python is one of the most popular languages in the world, and the demand for it is only going to rise. Pytest is one of the most popular testing frameworks in the industry, and it has a lot of great tools for faster, less stressful testing.

An engineer who wants to work in an automated testing field is in high demand today, but there isn’t much help on how to move from writing test scripts to building a strong test architecture. It takes time and money to build up trust between testers and developers when they use reliable test frameworks. They also make testers more satisfied. Happy testers are more productive, more effective, and more likely to move up in the company. Everyone is happy.

The most popular videos on these subjects only talk about the technology itself and don’t give advice on how to use it or good industry practices. I have made this class about these important things.

These lectures are for people who already know basic Python and Object-Oriented Programming. They build a solid foundation of skills needed to automate at a professional level.

As we go through each step, I’ll explain what I’m doing and why I’m doing it, so you can watch and follow along.

How to use test searching to avoid long test suites, and how fixtures can cut up to 80% of the code in a large codebase.

If you have code samples, short quizzes, and videos with a lot of information, you won’t have any trouble understanding the concepts. I’m always here to help.

Finally, automating is a lot of fun, and I wish more people did it, because it’s fun. I wish more people did it and did it well! There are a lot of jobs that could be done better by people like you, so let’s start this journey together!

Who this course is for:

  • Anyone who wants to learn about test automation quickly.
  • Beginner to intermediate testers who want to learn how to use Pytest to automate their tests.
  • Anyone who wants to learn how to use Python to test.

Pytest – Automation testing using python

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