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SwiftUI & iOS App Development FullStack – Twitter Clone

SwiftUI & iOS App Development FullStack - Twitter Clone
SwiftUI & iOS App Development FullStack - Twitter Clone

SwiftUI & iOS App Development FullStack – Twitter Clone

The Complete iOS 16 and 15 App Development Course with SwiftUI and Node.JS API Development

What you’ll learn

SwiftUI & iOS App Development FullStack – Twitter Clone

  • Develop FullStack iOS 16 iPhone and iPad applications with beautiful layouts and design
  • Build a complete Twitter Clone from scratch
  • Learn Swift 5 programming language to develop native applications
  • The Complete Fullstack iOS App Development Course with SwiftUI 4
  • SwiftUI 4 Concurrency / Async / Await
  • Learn how to fetch data from MongoDB servers using Web APIs
  • Learn how to create custom APIs using Nodejs to fetch and push data
  • Xcode 14 editor tips to use it like a pro
  • Authentication using NodeJS and JSONWebToken library
  • Build a complete server-side application using NodeJS and JavaScript
  • Beautiful in-app interactions and animations with the ease of SwiftUI
  • Deploy your Node apps to production
  • Work with one of the most in-demand web development programming languages
  • Understand the NodeJS ecosystem and build REST APIs
  • Build a portfolio to land your tech job


  • No experience is needed. We will start from the basics and advance to building actual cool software products
  • Mac or a mac emulator



Please read this important notice before you enroll in this course.

In this course, we will build an identical SwiftUI Twitter Clone and its REST API using Node.js. In addition, we will start with the Notes app to cover some of the key concepts at a more basic level to understand the base of the subjects.

What kind of advanced topics will be covered?

APP – SwiftUI

  • Swift Programming Language,
  • SwiftUI Framework foundation,
  • Swift Concurrency,
  • SwiftUI Async/Await feature,
  • Core Data with SwiftUI,
  • MVVM Architecture – Design Pattern,
  • External REST APIs integration,
  • Data Fetching and JSON Serialization
  • Combine Framework,
  • SwiftUI Animation,
  • Swift Package Manager (SPM),
  • Version control with Git,
  • App design, UI design, UX design
  • and many more…

REST API – Node.js

  • REST API Development using Node.js
  • Webserver using Express.js
  • Image Processing using Sharp.js
  • Authentication using JSONWebToken (JWT)
  • and many more…

1. In 2022, “The best way to build an app is with Swift and SwiftUI.” according to Apple as they have stated at WWDC 2022 Developer Conference.

In this course, we cover many areas and the powerful side of SwiftUI such as:

  • Swift Charts
  • Resizable Bottom Sheet
  • Pull-to-Refresh View
  • In-App API
  • Layout Protocol
  • HTTP Requests
  • MVVM Architecture
  • NavigationControllers
  • Slide Menus

2. Project-based Learning proves to be the most effective method for internalizing new concepts. During this course, you will learn by doing.

3. Every project is compatible with the latest iOS, so if you run the finished project on the latest operating system, then Xcode will compile it.

I would also highlight that Apple did not deprecate previous SwiftUI versions. That said, the latest iteration of SwiftUI 4 is nothing more than some new features and exciting additions on top of the base of SwiftUI 1, SwiftUI 2, and SwiftUI 3 releases.

4. We are building applications from scratch with resources made by professionals.

Creating the Bestseller SwiftUI Course with high-quality production value takes a lot of time.

This SwiftUI course has 20+ hours long video content in addition to the source code that will be provided and can be utilized in various projects.


Why should you take this course?

This complete iOS application development course is designed to teach you how to become an advanced multiplatform app developer using Apple’s native user interface framework: SwiftUI.

This class takes learning programming concepts through a project-based approach. By taking this class, you will improve your app design and development skills while creating many hands-on applications.

Learn mobile app development with hands-on tutorials!

Master app design and development with the SwiftUI framework and create remarkable applications. This SwiftUI Masterclass gives you a practical and engaging activity – with the right learning material and teacher.

We don’t teach you ugly CRUD Applications, instead, we teach the methods and systems required for a world-renowned app such as Twitter.

Do you want to create outstanding apps with SwiftUI? Then this course is for you!

Learning about REST APIs will bring you to the top of the competition pyramid amongst IOS Developers.

Not many IOS Developers are familiar with the server side of the operations. This knowledge will bring you among the top-paid IOS Developers and will make you independent of other people when you want to build your apps as you can build the whole app on your own.

Would you like to share your apps with your friends, co-workers, and even family members?

If yes, then enroll in the best SwiftUI course and create 1st class apps coding in Swift programming language!

Moreover, are you eager to build up your professional portfolio and show up in your next job interview with confidence?

The employers will incredibly appreciate the amount of work you have put into creating such a high-quality app as well as your ability to work with REST APIs.

Learn faster with the up-to-date SwiftUI code examples. You are in good hands.

  • Do not waste time and money getting lost and bored looking at endless and outdated tutorials and code examples on the Internet!
  • You will grasp Apple’s latest SwiftUI framework quickly and easily by following the instructor line by line.

Welcome to the world’s Best Seller iOS 16 and 15 Development Course with SwiftUI

This up-to-date SwiftUI course contains step-by-step instructions to teach you how to build several fully-fledged iOS applications programming in the Swift 5 language.

What are you going to learn about?

As a student in this masterclass, you will learn all of the concepts necessary for developing a fully functional social media application such as Twitter with the latest and greatest technologies that Apple and many other top tech firms have recently released, such as:

  1. SwiftUI is Apple’s native declarative user interface design framework,
  2. Swift programming language,
  3. Xcode development tool (code editor, test environment, live preview, simulators, etc),
  4. Combined framework helps developers work with events,
  5. Mac Catalyst technology is designed to allow developers to bring their iPad apps to Macintosh computers,
  6. Node.JS is the Framework for Developing APIs
  7. JavaScript is the language for developing Web Applications and Servers
  8. MongoDB is a database that is scalable and works perfectly!

If you want to get a job as an iOS or macOS developer, then this course is perfect for building up your professional portfolio to show off at your next interview.

On the other hand, if you’re somebody who wants to build your very own apps for your startup, you will have a wide skill set that will let you build any application you want with ease.

You should know that this course assumes absolutely no programming experience. So if you’re a complete beginner then I’ll be there for you and guide you in this program.

If you’re an experienced developer, you will find many new usages as well as the development and utilization of REST APIs using Node.js

By the end of the course, you’ll know how to develop, design, and publish your next app in the Apple App Store.

Don’t waste your time

Don’t waste another minute of your precious life on poor-quality videos on YouTube or instructors that teach you nothing but basic concepts that have no real-world applications. Or teachers who have no real-world in-person teaching experience. Your time is precious. Take this course and find out why everybody is raving about it.

Don’t waste your money

Inside this course, you will have access to the content of $8000 worth of Bootcamp material. You can choose to learn it at your own pace at home or spend thousands on a Bootcamp.

So what are you waiting for? Join the SwiftUI FullStack Twitter course now!

Who this course is for:

  • Beginner and/or Intermediate IOS Developers
  • All levels of UIKit Developers who want to learn SwiftUI
  • Mobile App Developers who want to learn Backend development with Node JS
  • People who want to build cool apps from scratch

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