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Linux Bash Shell Scripting: Complete Guide (incl. AWK & SED)

Linux Bash Shell Scripting Complete Guide (incl. AWK & SED)
Linux Bash Shell Scripting Complete Guide (incl. AWK & SED)

Linux Bash Shell Scripting: Complete Guide (incl. AWK & SED)

Learn Linux shell scripting, go from ZERO to HERO and let’s dance your bash programming skills

What you’ll learn

Linux Bash Shell Scripting: Complete Guide (incl. AWK & SED)

  • Be able to create PRO looking script with parameters
  • Use functions in the script

  • Read files line by line using while loop

  • Use math in scripts
  • Be able to decide if the value of the specific variable is a regular file or a directory
  • Store commands output into an array
  • Be able to do decision making based on match with regular expressions
  • Use SED and AWK to take your scripts to next level


  • Basic knowledge about Linux commands is good to have – but not required
  • Text editor of your choice (if you just don’t want to watch lectures)
  • Be able to open a terminal (or git bash if you don’t have a virtual machine and want to work in a Windows environment)


Welcome to the Linux bash shell scripting course. I’m Richard and I will be your instructor. I have great knowledge about shell scripting as throughout my career I had been working for a Fortune 50 company, where I apart from taking care of 200+ Solaris servers wrote many scripts for keeping life easy 🙂

What is covered?

  • Basics of scripting – no worry you don’t know anything about scripting by now
  • Sha-bang explanation – what it is and why the heck it is called sha-bang
  • Decision making
  • Regular expressions
  • Wildcards
  • For & While loops
  • Functions
  • Reading arguments using CASE structure
  • …and many more

And what about AWK? Yes, it is covered here!  And what about SED? Also covered!

Why I have created this course?

Many years back, when I was starting as a UNIX administrator, I had many ideas on how to improve specific things using scripts. But, I couldn’t find any good resources, which would take me through all the needed topics in one place. Somewhere I got a great explanation about sha-bang while regular expressions for shell scripting were only mentioned. Somewhere was a good explanation about decision making in if statement, but SED and AWK part was missing, and that use of SED and AWK was in my career really important. Basically, I cannot imagine any single production script, where I wouldn’t use SED or AWK, because without them you are not able to create that “magic” in your script.

Many years later, I am here to share in one place what is really needed in order to create the magic script. Not only how to create a script, do some decision making in if statements, write functions, use arrays, but mainly how to combine everything including AWK and SED. I was creating this course in a way, which would help me a lot to create great scripts during the start of my career. All needed things in one place.

Please, watch my preview lectures to see what we are going to build in this course.

Who this course is for:

  • Everyone who wants to dive into shell scripting
  • Experienced users who would like to take their knowleadge to next level wit AWK and SED
  • YouTube Masterclass Free Course

Linux Bash Shell Scripting: Complete Guide (incl. AWK & SED)

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