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Machine Learning Fundamentals

Machine Learning Fundamentals
Machine Learning Fundamentals

Machine Learning Fundamentals

Learn the basics at a low price!

What you’ll learn

Machine Learning Fundamentals

  • You need to learn everything you can about machine learning before you can do anything with it.
  • People who study Machine Learning need to know about all the different types of algorithms.
  • Understanding the different python libraries that are used in Machine Learning
  • A small project to show off the skills.
  • Learn about how supervised and unsupervised machine learning can be used to improve your skills.


  • Programming skills are not required. All of the concepts are taught from the very beginning.


There are a lot of things that need to be done with Machine Learning to make things smart or to analyze data in science and engineering. Is one of the most valuable and time-consuming fields of work out there now. For anyone who wants to start learning about Machine Learning, this course is for you! In the course, you learn about all the important things you need to know about machine learning. Many different types of machine learning are talked about in this book. It also talks about applications and uses cases, certifications, and job roles.

The course also talks about different machine learning algorithms and shows how to do a simple project that has real-world use and is easy to do. The course will help the students learn the basics and improve their skills, so they can become better at it.

People who took the course will remember:

  • Who knows about supervised machine learning
  • People who know about unsupervised machine learning
  • It is important to look at algorithms
  • Machine learning algorithms can be used for things.
  • People have good and bad things about them.
  • Information about the different certifications in the field
  • Information about job roles in a certain field
  • A real-world project in which algorithms are used.

Who this course is for:

  • Beginner Python programmers who want to learn more about machine learning.

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