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Python Project: Building Online Banking App

Python Project: Building an Online Banking App
Python Project: Building an Online Banking App

Python Project: Building an Online Banking App

Learn how to build a basic online banking app using Python

What you’ll learn

Python Project: Building an Online Banking App

  • Learn the basic concept of online banking apps from a beginner’s perspective.
  • Create Python functions: sign in, log in, forgot pin, deposit, withdraw, transfer, check balance, and calculate compound interest.
  • Learn the theory of continuous compound interest and how to build a function based on that formula.
  • Tutorial on creating repositories and uploading projects on Github


  • No programming experience is required
  • Basic knowledge of Python is helpful but not necessary


Welcome to Python Project: Building Online Banking App course. This is an extensive project-based course where you will be guided step by step on building an online banking app from scratch. Although an online banking app or payment gateway might sound complex and impossible for beginners, this course will offer you a unique and valuable experience in building the basic version of an online banking app.
Indeed, it will only be the basic one as this course was designed and intended for beginners. Nevertheless, you will get to create features in banking apps and understand the logic behind those functionalities. Most importantly, you will know what the backend of a banking app looks like.

As the nature of this project-based course is aimed toward beginners, this course will include an introductory Python warm-up session where you will be taught the fundamentals of Python, which you need to master before getting to the project. Those include but are not limited to data/variable types, mathematical operations, conditional statements (if/else), for loop, while loop, getting data input from the user, and creating function and its parameter. Therefore, if you are not confident with your Python skills, this course will provide you with what you need.

The online banking app project which you will build in this course is going to have the following features:

  • Sign in/ Log in
  • Forgot pin
  • Deposit
  • Withdraw
  • Transfer to another bank account
  • Check current balance
  • Check interest rate based on the current balance
  • Future Value of Investment

The great aspect of this course is that you are not only learning Python programming but due to the complex nature of this project, you will also be exposed to some mathematics and economics. In Particular, you will learn basic concepts of continuous compound interest since the function for calculating future investment valuation would be built based on that formula. Last but not least, the most efficient way to be an expert is to learn by doing; that is exactly what you will do in this course.

Who this course is for:

  • Python beginners who are interested in building a simple but insightful Python project
  • People who are curious about how the backend side of an online banking app works
Last updated 3/2023
Language English [Auto]

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